Sperm Cinema is designed to promote movie production in Central Europe. Our main goal is to present a portfolio from selected film schools and to showcase new approaches in film making - the package of movie projections and lectures on past or contemporary film movements are then distributed into film clubs across Central Europe.

Sperm Cinema may even be performed in your town - basically, all you need is some space for projection with basic technical capabilities, and, optimally, the following devices:

  • Projector and cabling for connecting with a computer and a projection screen or sheet
  • Computer (minimum requirements: 800MHz, Pentium 2, graphic accelator (or card) with video output, preferably with a cd/dvd-rom drive)
  • VCR
  • Amplifier and loudspeakers
  • We supply the film material in digital format on CD; upon agreement, we can arrange the whole evening for you.

    Any uncertainties can be discussed on the message board, through email (info@fkdm.org), or by personal contact.